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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Emmanuel Navarro-Gonzalez

Week 15


Hola Amigos y Familia!

Wow and just like that I'm getting the screwdriver to take off my training wheels! This is 15 weeks since I left for the MTC and 12 weeks in Tennessee! Last transfer I was being follow up trained by Elder Dent. He's an Arizona guy so we bond over the desert. We're staying together and in the same area for another transfer! I realize that I haven't been sending out emails the last 6 weeks. Yeah sorry about that but my mom is telling me that I probably should so here I am listening to her. Moms know best! Shout out to Ana!

There is so much that has happened this last transfer that I can mention in future emails. But I just wanted to leave you all with my testimony. I know that this work and this church is true. There is nothing more miraculous than seeing people accept Jesus Christ and his Restored Gospel in their lives. This has by far been the best time of my life. Sometimes it's hard and people reject you mostly here in the south but it's worth every second. This Gospel has brought me so much joy and I know it can help each and everyone who receives this email! I love you all and I promise I will write next week!

Elder Queso Navarro-Gonzalez

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