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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Scott Sperry

Hola everyone!! Hope all is good and things are good back home and where ever you are. I wouldn't know because a only hear from a few of you (shoutout to you, you know who you are). Not meant to be a guilt trip, but is kinda meant to be a guilt trip (I'd like to hear from some of you.... or all of you...) Love you all ❤ 😁 ❤

Tuesday- It was raining almost all of Tuesday so we mainly did a lot of studies in our apartment and called and texted our people. In the afternoon, it was still gloomy and wasn't raining so we decided to stop by our friend Andres. We took a taxi there because it was sprinkling a bit and my companion didn't feel like walking in it. So we went to his house but he wasn't there. We had an English class in an hour and we decided we had plenty of time to walk there and the weather was ok. But as soon as we decided to start walking, rain just comes down HARD.... so you could say we had some fun walking haha. And when we got home after English class, my companion and I watched President Nelson talk from Sunday (because we didn't have time Sunday) and President Nelson spits BARS 🔥🔥🔥. Grateful to have a modern day prophet!

Wednesday- We had our district council and it was also Hermana Clark's birthday so we celebrated afterwards. My companion and I bought her a balloon that said Feliz Cumpleaños (we tried to find a piñata but no one sells piñatas for some reason) and we had some fun. Then we went back out east and did some contacting around there.

Thursday- Had a recent convert lesson with Raul. He was someone the Sister's taught and baptized right when I got here. After we had lunch with the Stake Patriarch. It was a fun time and him and his wife are amazing people. He even showed us some pictures of him and President Nelson (yes, that President Nelson). Later that night we had a lesson with Daniel, a less active member who is wanting to get back into it. He is a stud!

Friday- We went to the north again to Shacktown (Shacktown is what we call it) and we're going to have a virtual temple tour but she was sick and so we decided to walk around and talk to some people and ended up getting a couple return dates set up.

Saturday- We had nothing planned for Saturday so we spent about 6 hours in the streets contacting people and we got a few numbers and found a couple people but a big problem here in Carrasco is that a lot of the people we talk to don't live here so it's a bit difficult but it is what it is...

Sunday- We had a FIRE 🔥 sacrament meeting. We had two missionaries give their farewell talks and a missionary give her homecoming. The Sister that came home is the daughter of President and Sister Dunford of the Montevideo West Mission (where Elder Wakefield is) and President and Sister Dunford spoke as well. A very spiritual sacrament meeting.

Hope y'all had great week and will have a great week. Talk to you all next week!

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