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  • Geraldine Zarate

2019 Mesquite Nevada Stake Christmas Devotional

When the Saints meet, they love to visit; especially at a stake event when we connect with friends we might not see very often. Five minutes prior to the program’s start the audience was asked to listen quietly to the prelude music. The bells of the organ playing the beloved hymn, Silent Night quieted the conversations and set the tone for the spiritual treat.

President David Anderson presided over the meeting and in his remarks he suggested that during this holiday season we all take time to write a poem and find someone to put the words to music, compose music, paint a picture, smile, ring a bell, and/or help neighbors become like the Savior Jesus Christ. Several presentations at the devotional were original pieces and President Anderson said he would like next year’s devotional to contain all original work by stake members.

He also shared a unique perspective about how he had studied the miles Christ walked during his Ministry and noted that most miracles Jesus performed were on a “side trip” to his destination. They may have appeared inconvenient and unplanned, but he served because He loved everyone. We should practice being more patient when service is inconvenient and unplanned.

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