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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Eder Chance Thornton


 I'm so sorry everyone! Forgive me for not sending emails sooner. I'll try and do better haha. The MTC was amazing and I learned so much there. When you're in the MTC you feel the spirit so strongly and for me leaving the MTC was terrible. It feels like the spirit weakens when you step back into the world.


       My first day in the field we taught a lesson. Oh and my companion's name is Elder Brown. Anyways, the person we taught her name is Amani and it was her first time meeting in person with the missionaries. We already scheduled her baptism date for next Sunday, 11/19/23. She came to us with the strongest desire to be baptized. She has studied everything that we've asked her to. Amani has already attended church twice. She faces opposition from her family but still wants to be baptized. I feel the spirit around her so strongly. I have a feeling that she will go to the temple some day and I hope that I will be able to attend when she does.


        I met someone that's been being taught by missionaries since August and he's an awesome guy. His name is Matt. He's a VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTER! We bonded so quickly. As soon as I told him that I graduated Fire Academy in May he was like "No way, I'm a firefighter too! Wanna go see our fire station!?" He showed us around their station and it was so cool to check out their fire apparatuses (fire trucks). He let us sit inside and they are all different from the ones Mesquite has. We had our lesson at the fire station; I'll send a picture of the bar that we sat at while we taught him in the station. After meeting Matt I knew I was called to serve here for a reason.

        There's a convert named Bob that enjoys having the missionaries over. Bob is blind, so his entertainment is limited haha. He gets pretty bored so we go over to his place on Sundays and hangout with him. Bob gave me a nickname the first time I met him. He gave me the nickname "Second Chance" haha. I actually like it. He gave my companion the nickname "Father Brown" haha.

        I've come to love the people that I've met here in New Jersey. They start to grow on you a little bit haha. The ward members are also amazing; they are like a second family. Also I give my first talk on Sunday. They didn't give me a topic though so if anyone has any suggestions let me know lol. I love you all and hope everyone's doing well,

                                                                                Elder Thornton

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