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  • Dutch Oven Dinner

    A Dutch Oven dinner will be held on Friday, April 19 from 6:00 to &:30 at the Heritage Park on Arrowhead to raise money for restoration of the Historic Relief Society House on Willow in Mesquite. The money raised will go to supplies to restore the house built in 1923 as a meeting place for the ladies to quilt and hold classes on sewing and cooking. Come enjoy a scrumptious Dutch Oven dinner on April 19 cooked by Wes Carter and historical committee while enjoying live entertainment.  There will be a silent auction also.  Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for children and $60 for a family – they can be purchased at Danielle's or at the Virgin Valley Museum. Volunteers spent Saturday patching the exterior stucco, scraping paint from the eves of the home and the window frames and other repairs.  A power box has been installed and will soon be connected so that an air-conditioning unit can be installed so volunteers will be able to continue to make interior repairs in the summer. Wes Carter plans to have a bulletin board with a list of tasks that needed to be done and all supplies will be available for people to come and help out in the evenings.  The bid has been let for the wrought iron fence and the block wall around the back is in the re-bid process in order to clarify the specifications. Thank you to all those that volunteered to help on Saturday. Another work day will be scheduled in the near future.

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  • Sister Jerusha Bundy

    Sister Jerusha Bundy Back to Missionary Letters Beautiful British Columbia!! 🌄🌞 Howdy! Welcome back to another update on my life here in the beautiful British Columbia, seriously, its sooooo pretty here, the trees dont grow leaves, they grow flowers, not even kidding there are just flowers everywhere and you know i love flowers, its so pretty, theres just so much green too, so much grass everywhere, i tell all my comapnions its wasted feed in my eyes. We'll pass a whole feild of tall grass thats just not being used and i just picture our cows at home living off rocks and scarce chaparral bushes. Such a shame 😑 ANYWAYS, Its been a FANTASTIC week. We had quite a few things happen so I'll give ya a brief rundown So we had exchanges again this week (so I'm an STL which stands for Sister Training Leader, We do companion exchanges with all the sisters in our zone, so we trade off compies and areas for a day) ANYWAYS, we had exchnages and I went to Abbotsford with Sister Downey and Sister Miller stayed w Sister Ahlstrom in the YSA, it was WILD. They are pretty busy over there in clearbrook ward so we kept busy with all kinds of lessons but I'll mention the most significant parts: - I had to run into the middle of the road and save this toddler from being basically, Sister Downey and I were driving and saw this like 2 yr old girl about to walk into the busy street we were driving, Sister Downey barely noticed her and passed her and slammed on the brakes. I look behind us and was so terrified that I'd see her flat on the road from the person behind us who didnt stop, but anyways, as soon as Sister Downey stopped I jumped out of the car and had to sprint up the road, by the time I got to the girl she was in the míddle of the street and luckily the car had barely stopped in time, so I led her off the road and we were able to find her mom. It was super scary and I'm glad that we were the ones to see her because as missionaries, we have to drive the speed limit so anyone else couldve easily blown by and not seen her and hit her. -Another cool thing I got to do in Abbotsford is go to a Sikh temple! One of the friends we hope to start teaching is Sikh! If you are unfamilar, its a religion based in india. There are many people here from india and they have their temples all over. Anyways she showed us around and I'm telling you, it was so authentic, everyone was in traditional dress and they feed you curry, it felt like I was right in india. Really cool experience! I didnt understand what anyone was saying because it was all in Hindi but thats okay! Funny story: one of the friends we were teaching in the past, we stopped teaching her because she wasnt progressing or keeping commitments and so we had decided to put her back into the hands of the Lord and stop teaching her....WELLL... we get a text from her a few days later and she let us know she was getting baptized in another church and she wanted US to help prepare her for it. So basically she didnt want to get baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ, but the one she attends, and she wanted us to help prepare her 😂😂😂 we aren't really sure how that works but kind of counter productive, but we are super happy she wants to come closer to God in that way! We also were able to go to the temple to do baptisms with Michelle! It was so beautiful and I was just so happy to be able to spend that time in the temple with her. She is just so pure and I love her to peices. Other than that, we are doing good, workin real hard and seeing the hand of the Lord in all things. Sometimes things dont go the way I have in mind, BUT im always reminded that this is Gods work and im just His servant. Its His will, i just need to come to terms with it. The mission has been such a great learning experience for me and im eternally grateful for all that ive been given. God is good! Love you all! - Sister Bundy Previous Letter Next Letter

  • MIssionaryLetters

    Missionary Letters Sister Jerusha Bundy Read Letter Elder Andrew Maxfield Read Letter Sister Jordan Memmott Read Letter Sister Jerusha Bundy Read Letter Elder Trey Hafen Read Letter Elder Andrew Maxfield Read Letter Sister Jerusha Bundy Read Letter Elder Andrew Maxfield Read Letter Sister Jerusha Bundy Read Letter Elder Andrew Maxfield Read Letter Elder Andrew Maxfield Read Letter Sister Jordan Memmott Read Letter

  • Elder Andrew Maxfield

    Elder Andrew Maxfield Back to Missionary Letters I Lost The Game🧡🌄 207 South Church Avenue Rockwood, TN 37854 Week Bajillion was kinda long but the longest my week's get nowadays is they feel like 3 days instead of 1😅 Elder Barlow has had some sleeping struggles and so dealing with those has left us not as capable of working but I did my best to carry our load and he's been a good sport about it🤷‍♂️ here was my week in squirrels shell! April 15 - April 21 - Elder Phillips has been training me to play Around the World and work on my shooting in basketball. For the first time, I FINISHED THE GAME AGAINST HIM!!😱 I've never done that, even if I've finished it by myself. Elder Phillips is a bucket lights out shooter so I have to make my shots to keep up😅 It made me happy it was a good day😊 - We stopped at Roane County Park in Kingston and it was actually so pretty and had good views and a walking trail! It'll be a good spot to talk to people😁🤷‍♂️ I took some new pictures for my Facebook it had been a while... - We went to Young Men's and Young Women's this week and to meet our friend Ellie again! She's one of Arieana's friends and I taught her my first day here. BUTT! She got lost in the sauce and now she's back and wants help building a personal relationship with God. So pray for Ellie😊 - We had a 2 hour lesson with Nana Gail! We watched a video about the Rome Italy Temple and seriously you guys every time I've watched that video I have learned 10 or more new things about the temple. It really is a House of the Lord and we were lucky enough to talk about it with Nana and explain the purpose of every room! As she was looking at the Celestial Room, she told us that her goal was to make it to the Celestial Room and we are so excited to help her get there! Pray for Nana Gail!! - Small stuff from this week was that we had dinner with 3 FAMILIES this week which was the most we've had in weeks, probably the most since Watauga🥲 it was so nice😭 Also! I worked out 5 times this week which has been essential to my wellbeing😅 So now I need to hold that 5😁 For my spiritual thought I wanted to share my testimony of the Prophet of the World! I've listened over the last couple weeks to all of President Nelson's General Conference addresses and I've learned so much. I testify that Russell M. Nelson is and has been an apostle of the Lord. He has magnified that calling and has given everything to the sacred work we all share. I testify that he has sustained and supported all of and even extended the life of one of the prophets that came before him! I testify that no prophet or apostle has sought that divine calling, but has accepted it with humility in their hearts. President Nelson is now the prophet of our day, and he receives divine revelation for you and for me. I have gained that witness by listening and pondering his words from 1984 until just a couple of Sundays ago. He is a true representative of Jesus Christ, and we can all be a little more like him. He has spoken of all topics, from the sanctity of life to the truth of the Book of Mormon! So listen to the prophets words! I testify of that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. That was intense but I love the prophet akd I know yall will gain a deeper love of him by stiff and prayer, especially of the things he asks us to study and pray on😅 I love yall so much, let me know if I can do anything for you, I will😌 Catch yall next week! - Elder Maywell Previous Letter Next Letter

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