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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Eder Stetson Ludvigson

Wow what a week!! I know I say that at the beginning of every email, but that is because it is always true!! And it flew by!! so the week started off kind of crummy on Monday night, basically what happened, what the lady we met at hot chocolate, the one we showed the picture of Christ coming to the Americas and she started crying and the spirit was booming, yeah so that lady, she was golden and so ready for the gospel and to get baptized! but her husband got extremely mad at her and us for contacting her, and he told us we need to stop reaching out to her, so we had to respect his wishes and drop her which was so sad because she was so awesome!! and to make the night even better our lesson that we had that night with Rayhane, the Bangladesh guy that feeds us, he canceled!! So we ended up just contacting a bunch of people that night which was actually very successful!!

So the next day we had an amazing lesson with Amber and Tim! We were just helping her get prepared for her baptism that was on Saturday! It was a super cool lesson, and at the end her and Tim asked us for a priesthood blessing! I was able to give the blessing to Tim, which was super amazing! On the outside he looks like a big tuff guy, but he really is just a big softy haha, he is a stud!

So the next day we had a mission wide zoom meeting which was pretty neat! and then after that we went and had a lesson with Zarah and Bro Thorsen! We had one of the most spirit filled lessons I have had on my mission so far! and Brother Thorsens testimony was so strong it was awesome! We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end of the lesson we put her on a baptismal date for Jan 30th!! how crazy is that!! and she was super pumped about it!! Right after that lesson we had to hustle over to a lesson with Pearline!! She is so awesome! and her house just feels like your grandma's house haha there's always a bunch of people there and usually food cooking! So before we started the lesson one of her Grandkids, who is about 20 comes walking in and grabs the fly swatter and starts swatting her little dog snowball, and pearline got all mad, it was hilarious and me and Elder Carter were dying, we were able to teach her and some of her family the plan of salvation which was really cool and they seemed to love it!!

So the next day we had a lesson with David,and it was a super willed lesson, like crazy! I don't even know how to explain it!! so just know it was crazy, and if you want to know more about it you can email and ask me haha! Anyway, after that we headed over to Zac's who is a stud and has been progressing really well! he would be on date but he has some legal issues which is a bummer, but the lesson was super awesome and super spiritual! and his little nephew who was about 6 joined us and he had some super cute comments about Jesus!!

Then the next day on friday we had a super cool miracle!! so we were calling people at subway and they closed at 9;00, so we were getting ready to head out but they had already locked the door, so we were locked in, but we went and got the worker to come let us out. When she was letting us out she was telling us how she always sees us studying and praying over there in the corner, and she told us to pray for her! And we get a lot of prayer requests so we didn't think too much of it! but after we walked out I had the prompting to go back in, and so we did and like Nephi, not knowing beforehand we trusted the spirit would guide us, and it did! we asked her if we could say a prayer with her right then, so we did. And I was the one praying and when we finished we looked up and her eyes were  full of tears! she told us she really needed that! and so we shared our testimonies about the love Christ has for her! it was awesome! and we set up another lesson with her!!

So I hope you guys are still entertained because the best part of the week has yet to come!! Saturday was the day Amber got Baptized!! It was such an amazing baptism!! and probably one of the times I have felt the spirit the strongest let alone in my mission but my whole life!! So we started filling the font a little late because the person that was supposed to bring the keys was running behind, and so the water heater only can keep up if it is half way, but we didn't have the time so we had to full blast it. The font usually takes about an hour and a half to fill, and there was about 20min until it started and it was less than half way, and super cold, so we went to boil water in hopes of warming the water a little. We went into the kitchen and filled the huge pots and started boiling them, when they were done we took them over to the font, and miracle! The font was all the way full and somehow decided to get warm again!! Heavenly Father really wanted her to get baptized!! So anyway after that Amber and Tim went to get changed, and Tim realized he didn't bring an extra long sleeve, well we thought okay we will just get him a jumpsuit, but he was hoping for a long sleeve because he had tattoos and wanted to cover them up. I swear we had looked through everyone of those jumpsuits before and there were no long sleeved ones, but we thought we would go check again just in case! so we went sifting through the jumpsuits and just as we thought nothing! Right before we were about to give up our bishop pulled out this long sleeve jumpsuit, and we thought there is no way that should fit him because he is a pretty big guy, but when he pulled it all the way out and checked the size, boom, perfect fit! another miracle!! so we had the baptism and it was amazing! most people were crying and it was just so spiritual!!

Anyway apologizes again for the long email just a lot happens in one week as a missionary! it is amazing and I love and wouldn't trade these experiences for the world!! You guys are awesome! love you all!!

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