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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Emmanuel Navarro-Gonzalez

Week 8


Hola y'all!

This week I've definitely been practicing my southern accent this week! It's hard not to practice cause some of the mission leaders have really thick accents. It's pretty fun to take some of their best quotes and say it the way they say it. The best one this week was our vehicle coordinator this week telling us that he's busy mowing his lawn on his riding mower and that he "couldn't talk" but then proceeded to talk to us about his mission and that he killed it back when he served. Once twenty minutes of stories passed I let him get back to his mowing.

On Thursday we had a zoom call Zone Conference! It was with Elder Martino so that was awesome hearing from him. My biggest take away was that we as missionaries should find someone that is in the same situation as the investigator. That will help the member to "astonish" the investigator with their testimonies. As Amulek did for the people of Ammonihah with his powerful testimony in Alma 10:12. But we sat there for 5 hours which was sooooo long! Afterwards we went to one of the best barbecues in the whole mission. It was called Mission Barbecue and it was honestly the best stuff I've ate since being here!

So our Spanish page needed a talent portion for the weekly live so I decided to do frisbee golf. So my companion takes us to this random park and he bring some tortillas?? So then he gives me the phone and says start recording. So I record this kid start feeding ducks as his spiritual talent and I honestly lost it. We stayed there for like half an hour and just enjoyed the ducks. It was fun but I couldn't believe he took us there randomly. Go check it out on the page if you want to see this Elder feed some ducks!

This Saturday was especially awesome because we ordered some Bolis! If anyone doesn't know Bolis are like Mexican ice pops. So there's this guy from Mexico that makes them in Nashville and drives around Tennessee delivering them to people! So we ordered some and he brought it to our apartment complex! I got some jamaica, coco, chocolate and fresh! They honestly hit the spot when you get done with work for the day. I would definitely recommend going on Facebook and liking Bolis Babys!

I had my first dinner on the mission on Tuesday! We went to shoot a kitchen segment for the live and an Hermana taught us how to make huaraches! They were so fun to make and she let us eat them after! It was so fun to have in hour dinners! I can't wait for things to open up again because it was awesome!

I hope y'all have an awesome week! Thanks so much for all the replies! It makes my week so much better. I appreciate all the love and support! If you guys want any awesome reads for this week I'd go to 2 Nephi! Its grown to be one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon! Love you guys!

Elder Navarro-Gonzalez

My mailing address for the next week maybe:
952C Reach Lane, Murfreesboro TN 37120

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