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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Kade Haviland

It rains every day here!


I'm still alive out here and I'm completely drenched!  This week has been fantastic! We had a baptism on Saturday, which was super cool. I didn't take much part in her teaching- I sat through two or three lessons where I didn't understand what was going on- but it has been awesome to see the joy that the Gospel is bringing her and the joy that it has brought to others I have taught. This week I taught someone named Francoise who has definitely recognized some of that joy. Teaching Francoise was really interesting because she is a native french speaker, but she is learning English, so any time she talked to us she spoke in English while Elder Slinn and I both would respond in French. I loved it though because it was the first lesson we taught where I wasn't completely lost. Francoise loves coming to church because she feels the genuine love that everyone has there. The people here are really are a fantastic and loving people. They really show the love of God by "loving their neighbors as themselves." They love serving each other and helping us do missionary work. They also really like serving us food. The other day Elder Slinn and me went to someone's house for Tahitian language lessons and they brought out hamburgers, sugar cane, and coconut ice cream for us to eat when the only thing we had planned with them was to learn Tahitian. 
With Christmas time being here, I hope that you are all looking for ways to become more like Christ. He gave his whole life to serving others and it is important that we find ways to do that too. In the recent First Presidency Christmas Message, one speaker emphasized that it is important to focus on the important things at Christmas time and not get lost in doing too many activities that could make you stressed and take away from the spirit of Christmas. This Christmas, try to do more with you family and get rid of some of the little things that could be distracting you. If you do, you'll feel the love of God in you life and get more out of this Christmas season.
I love you all and I hope you find joy in this Christmas season and in Christ!
Elder Haviland

Elder Slinn and I with Heipua at her baptism

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