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Elder Andrew Maxfield

Harry's Pickleball Death😵‍💫

Fun fact! Did you know that cockaroaches and wallabies don't usually jump over each other until about Thursday Evenings? I never knew but maybe I'm just dumb🤷‍♂️😅

How did yalls week go? My week was pretty good😌 it was an interesting week of finding and teaching😂 I'm enjoying it a lot more and this week was some of the hardest I've worked! Let's get into the good stuff!

- Monday we had a Zone P Day again and afterwards we got dressed, sweat and all, and had a Zone Blitz. A Zone Blitz is pretty much where we pick an area that's struggling to find and we all go into that area and find for 2 hours straight. I've been out almost a year and it's the first one I've done! We get put with different comps and I had Elder Scott. We talked to soany people but we ended finding somebody! By the end of the night the Zone had found 29 people and put 2 people on baptismal date! So that's pretty cool!

- Tuesday we had Interviews with President and Sister Barlow! We had some good chats and afterwards Elder Phillips and I went on an exchange! I finally got my second one with him! We were planning on finding but we had 4 lessons instead and then played Skull King with Harry. It was a good day😅

Wednesday morning we went for a run and Elder Phillips and I caught a fish😱 as in it jumped up and we caught it😌

- We had District Council and Sister Duncan in our District was going home to serve a service mission so we sent her off with a celebration! She's been lots of fun so we'll miss her! Elder Porter and I ended up finding 3 people Wednesday night since didn't have any lessons!

- Thursday was goofy cause Elder Porter scheduled an appointment with a Dermatologist and then traffic was terrible so we called while driving and canceled but right after that we saw we would've made it😂 God had different plans for us Thursday! We taught Nana Gail and out her back on date for Jun 29! We then went and found 4 NEW PEOPLE! I'll have a prayer list at the end for yall!

- Saturday we went to the pickleball courts in our pros to see if we could find some people playing! We got playing and I remember how bad I am at it😅 I can hold my own but I could use some serious training😵‍💫

Harry played with me and I almost killed him... yeah not joking I hit the ball and he went after it and tripped and fell! Luckily by the gracefulness of his fall he didn't get hurt besides getting a little scrape😅 but everyone around thought he was dead🤣

- Unfortunately after all we could do this week nobody came to church and so that's super sad🥲 but I guess it's just how it is sometimes. I know if you'll pray for our friends this week by name you'll receive blessings and so will they!

We ended up finding 9 people this week! A new best for me😊 they're names are!

- Austin

- Austin(I know that's 2)

- Christina Smith and her family

- Brittany, Brianna, and Dallas

- Anthony

- Connor

- Graclyn and her mom

- Sandra Scarbourough

Along with

- Nana Gail

- Arieana

- Jessica and Flora

- Meagan

And all of the Rockwood Ward! We need it!

This Sunday I was able to speak on Humility, how true desciples of Jesus Christ are humble. I needed this talk. This was the first time I've had to truly ponder what humility consisted of🤷‍♂️ I knew of it but I didn't know how I could apply it to my life. I turned to Elder Bednar for help! His April 2018 talk "Meek and Lowly of Heart" helped me to understand meekness, a companion to humility. "To be humble is to recognize gratefully our dependence on the Lord—to understand that we have constant need for His support. Humility is an acknowledgment that our talents and abilities are gifts from God." - Topics and questions

Elder Bednar compare humility and meekness, saying

"Whereas humility generally denotes dependence upon God and the constant need for His guidance and support, a distinguishing characteristic of meekness is a particular spiritual receptivity to learning both from the Holy Ghost and from people who may seem less capable, experienced, or educated, who may not hold important positions, or who otherwise may not appear to have much to contribute."

So humility is to rely on the Lord and meekness is to rely on the Spirit and those holding it even if they seem less than you.

So it should be obvious but what do these to attributes oppose? PRIDE! Pride is the complete opposite of humility and meekness and cause us to turn inward and give ourselves the glory and credit!

As I learned about how to combat pride I would like to invite you to recognize that Jesus Christ is your perfect example! He wants to help you especially by showing you how you can best do things. So be like Him, by learning from Him. He was humble and Meek above all other things or people. He knew His work was from His Father, not from His own genius. Let's be a little more like our Savior!

I love yall! Let me know if you need anything, I want to talk, even if I don't answer right away😅 but just ask me I want to know😁

Love yall!

Elder Drew

I have lots more good pictures so here's where they are!

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