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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Andrew Maxfield

The Watauga Lake

How are you all doing?! I am doing quite well! The end!

- Elder Maxfield

Sorry I haven't written in a while, the last couple P Days have been so hectic! Unbelievably busy! I haven't had any time to write anything down! But that does mean I have lots of exciting things to talk about! First, what is the best flavor of ICECREAM and why is it double fudge brownie?!

- I WENT TO WATAUGA LAKE! If I end up staying here I hope I can hike some of the cool trails I've seen and heard of here. The lake was fire! More to come in next week's email!

- Our bishop and his family are EPIC! They have a son Leo and he is the funniest kid ever. He is young enough that he take commands from his siblings and his main goal is to punch us! I am getting pretty good at dodging and having a missionary sense(spidey sense).

- P DAY 2/5! We did an escape room yall! It was an 80s themed escape room and it was so much fun! I missed something like that ot take my mind off of things stressing me out. It was however, the hardest escape room they had and therefore we did not finish it in time! BUTTT!! The guy did let us finish it since we were the only ones, so I was left satisfied😌

- I went on an epic exchange with Elder Berg, our Zone Leader in Kingsport. Anyways, I learned a lot from Elder Berg! He helped me to understand what I can do as a missionary and how I can help other missionaries. Theres a problem that I want all missionaries and all future missionaries to be aware of. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BE YOURSELF! You are a representative of Jesus Christ, but you are also a human being that the Lord has placed you in your mission because of. Your mistakes and your overcoming will help others to grow their testimonies of Christ because of the powerful witness you can bear them. I do not want missionaries to feel like they need to be robots, because the Spirit is your most powerful tool, so let us use the tool given to us, and let us be instruments in the hands of God. That goes for missionaries and members and desciples of Christ alike. Do not be afraid to be yourself when sharing the gospel. That was a rant but it's been on my mind a lot this past week or two.

- The last big thing that's happened was the SUPER BOWL! It was a good day where we went to church and everyone was excited for it but was still at church anxiously awaiting and inviting everyone to their houses. We were invited to the Erwins house to... eat dinner😌 it was a lot of fun! The Chiefs are officially a dynasty😭

Please pray for these PEOPLE! PLEASEEEEEE

- Chloe

- Karen

- Drew(not me Drew)

- The Watauga Ward

- The Watauga District😊


I really want to hear from you,I'm sorry I haven't written. Once I got to 6 months the weeks have become one long day and it's kinda weird how it's been almost 2 months since that point😵‍💫😬

If you read any talks that I should listen to this week, let me know. Even if I've hear them already I want to know, maybe the Spirit is speaking to me through yall!

If you need ANYTHING, let me know. I love you all!

- Elder Drew

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