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Elder Andrew Maxfield

Rockwood For Life

Photos of moi and my mission!

I preface this email by saying hello how do you do? In a British accent of course!

How are yall?! Another week flew by but this time it's with somebody else but not in a new place! We had transfers this week and I'm with a new companion Elder Porter! I'm excited to get to work with him. Anyways, here's my week😊

- For our last P Day we did... almost nothing. BUT! We did go to Top Golf to keep the tradition alive😅 it was a lot of fun to swing again, even if I've only slightly improved at it😵‍💫

- We had a busy Wednesday with Transfer Calls that night but we had District Council akd I was able to give a training on the Sacrament(spiritual thought later). We were all stressing about who was leaving when our DL got a call saying he was going to be a ZL! So that was one gone. Then at transfer calls we heard that Sister Wall was leaving after only one too! So now it was just me, Elder Phillips, and Sister Jepson that were staying. We all got new comps and this transfer is going to be epic! My new companion is Elder Brock Porter and he's been out for about a year and a half. I'm so excited to be with another older missionary, it makes me feel more confident😂

- We ate at a bakery, played games, packed, and said goodbye to some people here in our area for Elder Barlow, a final checklist of things to do while he was here. It was a good last day I'm glad we could spend it with Harry as well😌

- We pulled up to transfers which I haven't been to in 3 months and I got to see everyone again! That is always my favorite😂 I didn't get to see Barbs and Olson which is lame but I did get to see all my old and new friends. I said goodbyes to Elder Barlow and we were off. I'm grateful to have served with Elder Barlow even if it was some of the hardest months of my life. He taught me a lot and I hope he does awesome in North Carolina🫡

- The last couple days just included me trying to show Elder Porter what I could from the area and introduce him to everyone so hopefully we can start making some plans of where to go and what to do! Everyone pray for us pretty please😅😁

For my spiritual thought I'd like to share just how important the Sacrament is to me and how it can hopefully be important to you.

The Sacrament is more than just bread and water on a Sunday. It is an ordinance commanded by God that we partake! The reason He so badly wants us to take it, is that it represents and symbolizes the blood and body of His Son Jesus Christ. It's one way we communicate with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that we want to repent and change. When we are baptized we are like an old rusty piece of metal. If you clean that metal off and make it like new and shiny, that's like our baptisms. But we aren't able to be baptized twice! So our Father in Heaven makes it possible for us to renew that Covenant. The piece of metal might start to get dirty and old again but we can keep cleaning it off more frequently to make it more clean more often! I am so grateful for the Sacrament because I know it is what made the best examples in my life light up, what made them better than they would have been on their own. I hope you all will think more of the consistent help the Sacrament can bring you if you will partake in its goodness!

I love yall, I hope everyone has a great week. Don't forget to email me and send me photos of any fun things that have happened. Congrats to everyone graduating this week! That's so exciting😊

- Elder Maxfield

207 South Church Avenue

Rockwood, TN 37854

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