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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Braden Bingham

This week was so good I can't wait to see what will happen next!


There were definitely some difficulties last week not gonna lie! One missionary in our apartment was feeling sick one night and I loved to tease this guy so I made my way to his room as he was sick I was teasing but that next morning Karma got me good. For three days my head hurt and I had a pretty bad fever. I'm fine now and we are doing great in the work!

It was a humbling experience lol.


Something awesome about this week as I was reading hard in Genesis and Moses and was able to get a lot of insights from these books! I learned that when we read in Gen 2:17 and then Moses 3:17 we will see that there is a difference and something clearly missing.


In Genesis, it states only that Adam and Eve should not eat the tree of Knowledge

In Moses, it states they should not eat "Nevertheless, thou mayest choose for thy self"

In the book of Moses, it is better understood that God gives each of us Agency and it will ALWAYS be up to us to choose.

I loved this insight from my personal study this week. I hope everyone is having their own powerful personal study.


Something great that happened Saturday night was Elder Curtis and I made French toast and Buttermilk Syrup!! It was good and everything was from scratch! It was an awesome accomplishment.


We also attended a baptism this week for Pleebo. Our baptism will happen this Saturday!!

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