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Elder Braden Harris

One Month

> One month in the field is kinda nuts to see. I'd like to say it went by fast but unfortunately time is relative and theres so much time left haha. A great thing that's been working for me is changing the mindset from "I still have 22 months left" to "I only have 22 months left." It's given me the perspective to make the most of every opportunity I can and take the time to grow the most I can. When we teach the Plan of Salvation, a main point we focus on is that our purpose here on earth is to grow and learn. While taking this perspective, every hard thing that goes on your life is then seen through a different light. Instead of thinking about how bad things are, you are thankful for them, and embrace them; because you know that you are growing and becoming the person God needs you to be.

> I have seen this in one of our friends that we had the wonderful opportunity to tract into this week. Before we go tracting, we always start with a prayer so that we can feel impressed by the spirit to choose the right area to knock doors. Normally I don't feel any sort of promoting, but this one was different. I knew that wherever Elder Athay would choose to find, he would lead me to the right person. So we then chose an apartment complex and parked the car. We walk directly to the other side of the complex with no hesitation; directly to an apartment door. We knock on the door and immediately see a smile on the person's face. We give him our normal introduction and then he goes on to say that he used to be a member. He left because of the things that happened in his life. He was treated terribly by his parents in ways that I can even write in this email. His whole life has been a trial since he came into this world. Yet somehow, he's the most loving person I have ever met. Elder Athay led me to that door, not knowing who was on the other side because the spirit told him to. It turned out that I was the only one with the recourses to connect with Adam because of his past. I know that he has become a beautiful soul because of what he has gone though. He has become strengthened by his trials and it is something that we can all learn from. I know that he has much more in store but he has not yet found his purpose.  He struggles with the idea of a Loving Heavenly Father because of his past; which lead him away from the church and religionas a whole. I just need to get him to see that Heavenly Father gives his children trials and hardships because he loves them. Loving someone enough to hurt them is a hard thing to comprehend and I do not blame Adam at all.

> God has not left him stranded though. No matter what Adam thinks, God is still there, knocking at his door. After he shared his life experience, he then shared something that can only be described as a miracle. He said to us, that every time he agrees with a friend to go to their church to check it out, the missionaries end up knocking at his door. Turns out earlier that day, his girlfriend invited him to their families church and he agreed to go. It is no coincidence that my companion and I were lead directly to that door. God still cares. God still works. God is still present. No matter what feelings Adam has had towards God; He still shows love for him. He is not done with Adam, just like how He is not done with anyone of us. Miracles have always happened, they still happen, and they will continue to happen.

> I can't help but see God's love for each and everyone of His children. I just wish that everyone could see his everlasting grace. You cannot run from Him. He will always be there. He loves all of you, and I love all of you as well. ❤️

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