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Elder Caiden Jones

Email #3: No Australia :D

As the title of this email suggests, I am not going to Australia. My visa did not get here in time so I will be temporarily serving in the Arcadia, California mission and it is great. Before I get to why I am excited to go to Arcadia here's a funny now but depressing in the moment story:

I waited and hoped for my visa to get here before the deadline but with no luck. On the day of the deadline, I got an email from the travel office to go and get my travel packet for my temporary reassignment. Me and the other Elders in my district who were waiting on their visas too went to the travel office to get our flight plans. I open my letter up to look at my ticket and you wouldn't believe it... It was flight plans for Adelaide!! I freak out with my district and walk back into the office to ask if I got my visa. Here's a rough recitation of that conversation:

Me: "Hi, did I get my visa?"

Lady: "No, that's why you got that packet."

"I know, but why does my ticket say I fly to Adelaide?"

*She takes the paper from me*

"Oops that shouldn't have been there. Disregard that."

*Rips up my ticket in front of my face*

"Flip that page and your real ticket should be there."

Sure enough I flip the page and my ticket to California is there. I got bamboozled by the travel department of the MTC. Was on top of the world and got shot down real quick but oh well.

Anyways, the good news from this whole event is my travel companion to Arcadia. You guessed it, my future wife. (I found out her name, it's Sister Kline.) Because she's my travel companion, we will, well, travel together. I don't know how it got approved for an Elder and a Sister to be travel companions but it just makes me believe that this isn't a coincidence even more. We'll fly next to eachother to LA and drive to Arcadia together and then fly to Sydney, Australia and then to Adelaide together. That's a lot of time to get to know eachother. Don't worry though, I'll still fumble and totally lose my chance but it's alright.

Something else that was awesome was the 4th of July. We got out of class a little early and watched a video about Joseph Smith and the restoration but then got to have some ice cream and watch the firework show that happens at the BYU stadium. There was a drone show and we could see more fireworks than I thought we would. It was pretty cool.


We got to go to the temple 3 times this week and it was my first time doing sealings which was really cool. We went to the Mt. Timpanogos and Payson temple. Both are really beautiful as temples tend to be. The bus rides sucked though.

This whole week has been kinda crazy because I have been way too tired every day and for the past day or so my nose has been a nuisance. Not too bad just really annoying.

Some things I really enjoy about the MTC is practice sharing the gospel. In class we break into small groups a lot and share certain parts about the gospel which is really fun and helpful but it's even better with a scenario. I try to think of questions that can throw people off a little bit to and two that I remember from practicing with Elder Calvert are pretty funny. He was teaching me how we were all God's children and I asked "So I'm a demi-god?" He paused for a short sec and said "Sure. Whatever you want." Or something like that. Some other time I was with Elder Calvert, he was relating Jesus to Batman and I said "Wait Batman is real?" And he looked me dead in the eyes and said "Yes. Batman is real." Doesn't sound as funny writing it out but it was in the moment.

I gave a blessing of comfort for the first time and it was an incredible experience. I know that priesthood power has been restored on the Earth and I am very thankful to be able to use it to serve God and his children.

I definitely forgot to talk about a lot of things but if it's important enough I'll add it in my next email.

Next week there are going to be around 3k missionaries in this MTC (Good luck Elder McOmie) so I am very glad I am leaving now. See you in Arcadia

-Elder Jones

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