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Elder Dylan Wilson

This is the End


Hey y'all, this week was definitely one for the books! Or the weekly emails I guess you could say. Anyways, I don't have much time because we're going to have a district P-day so I'll cut to the chase!

We went to Kansas on Tuesday morning so my companion could go to a doctor's appointment. We only went to Coffeyville which isn't too far from the Oklahoma border, but now I can officially say that I've been to all three states in my mission boundaries. Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas! Later that day we prayed to know where to go for street contacting and we both felt very strongly that we should go to a park that was a little far away. That wouldn't have been a problem any other week, but this week was bike week where we only rode bikes to save miles on our cars.

Anyways, we start biking and I saw this 17 year old kid running down the street doing some exercise so we stopped and talked to him and he ended up being interested in learning more! His name is Gavin.

When we finished sharing with him, we started heading towards the park again, but got stopped again when we taught and older man named Mike and turned him into a new friend!

For the third time, we set out to go to that park we felt prompted to go to, but we stopped and talked to a lady that was sitting on a bench on the trail we were riding. This lady, Jennifer, ended up being interested as well so we set up a return appointment with her! At that point we didn't have any more street contacting time so we didn't even make it to the park, but we wouldn't have found those people if we didn't keep trying to go to the park!

On Wednesday we had two lessons, one with our friend Nicki and one with Jordan. They both went pretty well!

Thursday was quite the busy day! We had my last district council in the morning and it was a good training, but a sad day. I'm going to miss my district and going to district council! We had a lesson with Gavin later and it went pretty well!

Nothing much happened on Friday, just biking in the heat and checking on interested people in our Area Book.

Saturday though! Everything happened on that day! We ate breakfast with the Leavitt family then we had six lessons! All on bikes it was quite glorious, we were so busy that day and it literally flew by, we also put our friend Nicki on baptismal date! It was such a miraculous day being on the Lord's errand!

Spiritual thought: 2 Nephi 31:20

I've been thinking a lot about my mission experience and it's crazy to think it's been over. I think a good representation of my mission is the experience we had riding to the park. If we had focused solely on making it to the park, we would've missed the people that actually needed a message about Christ. If you're serving a mission and only focusing on making it to the end, then you won't be able to find those that need a message about Christ and you won't be able to change or experience the things you need to. A lot of missionaries say at the end of their missions, "I've truly come to know my Savior." And I was asking myself if I really had come to know Christ better. Then I remembered all the things that have happened and all the changes I've gone through and I can say the same.

I've loved my mission and I love you all. In the words of my man Jacob, "Brethren, adieu."❤❤❤

~Elder Wilson

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