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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Ethan Leavitt

Buenas 🙌 welp here I am. Sending another email after like 6 months lol. I made it to Argentina great. I had 3 flights. I left Portland at 1 made it to to Atlanta in 4 Hours and then ran to the next gate because I was going to miss my flight. Was on the Plane for more than 10 hours, hardly slept lol made it to Buenos Aires fine, had a native who work for the church help us buy tickets and check our bags and so and so. My next flight for Buenos Aires to Córdoba was like 1:30 minutes. But made it here just fine haha can't believe I'm here. Definitely feel like I'm still in the US but no one speaks English and idk just weird.

But yeah met my comp he's a Native Argentino. Doesn't speak English, has a thick accent and talks really fast lol. But I understand almost every thing he says so thanks to the Gift Of Tounges! Right now we cover 2 areas LAS FLORES Y HOGAR 3 it's pretty safe over here. The President suggests not taking your phone and any belongings with you when working because you will be robbed. My comp was robbed 2 weeks ago.... lol but that's because the thief saw he had a phone. So yea.

The Peso to American dollar is like 100 or something but if you brought cash you can change it with these dudes standing outside the bank for over double the price! So I'm loaded now lol.

But all is good 👍sad to leave my friends in the states and I hope they know I love them ! ❤

I hit a year in the mission in 10 days so that's exciting!

Love yall 💓 lowkey prolly will forget to send a northern email for a while......

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