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Elder Hayden Johnson

Alma 26. The last week of my mission


Well... As most missions around the world that have been affected by the COVID-19 Virus the New Zealand Auckland Mission as also been affected. All the missionaries in Auckland have been put in heavy quarantine for the next 30 days. The Prime Minister of New Zealand has put the country in Level 4 Lock down which has prohibited ANYONE that is not a New Zealand resident to enter the borders.

Thankfully for here in the cook islands there has not been any cases and they have restricted the borders that they most likely will not be receiving it soon. If it were to get here on Rarotonga.... It would cause havoc! Since there is not adequate hospitals and medical facilities it would most likely spread very fast. The area Presidency took that into consideration and requested that all the missionaries in the Cook Islands be sent back to New Zealand...... BUT since New Zealand has closed their borders only 2 of the Cook island missionaries that are New Zealand residence went back and the 6 American missionaries were informed we would be stuck here until further notice.... 😂

Then yesterday we just received information that New Zealand has allowed us to enter their borders just to transit immediately back to America....

Yea, back to America... Back home.... We all were discussing if we would be reassigned or not, but now the church has released that any Elder with less than 6 months will be released. I only have 5 months left on my missions which means when I return to America I will be released as a full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

There is many different emotions that run through my heart at this time. How quickly all this happened.. How scary it is around the world with all the unknown....

But as cheesy as it may be, the feeling that I feel the most abundantly. Is gratitude.

How thankful I am for a Prophet to guide us in these latter days. How thankful I am to have been able to serve the Lord with ALL my heart, might, mind and strength. How thankful I have been to receive a change of heart and the gift of a firm growing testimony. I now have placed myself upon the rock of my Savior and I will not be moved.

I know the Book of Mormon is true, that any man will grow nearer to God by studying and applying its words.

I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, the only man that would be able to restore the Church of Christ in these Latter-days.

I know the Plan of Salvation is real.... It brings me such peace to know the purpose of this life and to know where I am going after.

I know that God lives and that He is aware of all of our situations, that He sent His own son, a perfect son, to suffer, bleed, and die so that we all may live.

I have loved being a missionary for the Lord and just because I may take off the badge from my shirt. I will continue to serve the Lord wherever I may be.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me, messaged me, commented, or prayed for me... For I have felt the love and it has helped me throughout my mission.

I no longer have to worry about the future because I know what I need to be doing now.

I love you all

Kia Kaha

Kia Manuia

Te Inangaro e au kotou❤️

-Orometua Ioane Tamaiti

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