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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Jaeger Lee


Ladies and Gentlemen, good afternoon.

This email is my Christmas present to you. You are welcome.

Anyway, not many new things have happened recently. It is Christmas time, so we have a lot of different events going on. We had a Christmas concert planned and organized by the mission and that was pretty fun. Our homie Riku joined us and I harassed him with kindness. Don't worry he enjoyed it.

Also, regarding the title of the email... There is this Japanese guy named "Gabriel Mario" and we have no idea where he came from. Two weeks ago we were in a Convenience store one day and he kinda just spawned. We ended up talking to him and apparently he went to English classes in the area like 4 years ago. Now he comes to English class every week and tells us about his "wife".

She's not a real person, but he's convinced.

That's the most exciting thing to happen so i'll leave you with that. Transfers are next week so you'll figure out in like 3 months if I move or not. Also my google photos aren't working so ill add new pictures here. I don't want to type anymore. また!!!!!!

Also the pictures might be sideways. Ignore that. 

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