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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Jaxon Sna

Recaps, Wrecks, Transfers


Week 30:

Hello everybody! I love you all! I hope your week was awesome! I pray for you all! I am staying in Lander for a but longer! Week 29 Recap is down below!

Tuesday- We went to some awesome pioneer sights!

Wednesday- We had a meeting with all our zone! We did some service and met with some members!

Thursday- We had our studies and then did service for Tom Watkins! We had a weekly planning session! Area calls with the zone leaders! We had great burgers at the Stigers!

Friday- We had a mission wide devotional! We filmed some videos and helped some people move!

Saturday- we had our studies and then lunch! We called the family and worked on facebook! We are seeing some success! We got a new Elder that was serving in Fiji

Sunday- We had a great sacrament! We had some lessons with people from Facebook! I love Sunday!

Monday- our studies and then we had Lunch and companionship study with the Zone leaders! We had two more lessons!

Tuesday- Basketball and card games!

James 1:5

Thank you guys for everything you do! ! love you all!

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