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Elder Jaxon Snarr

Week 93: Quarantine, 22 Month Mark


Hey Everybody!

Tuesday- thrift shopping and hanging out!

Wednesday- we did personal study and then we had district council! We did an ice bucket challenge and then went to lunch! Someone paid for all of our meals! We did companionship study and contacted some people! We had dinner and then had a lesson with Kenna! Then we got told we had to quarantine!

Thursday- quarantine

Friday- quarantine

Saturday- quarantine

Sunday- quarantine

Monday- 22 month mark! We did our studies and texted some people! We had lunch and did some service! We texted some people and had a great dinner! Then we walked around!

Tuesday- mini golfing with the district

2 Nephi 32:9

I love you all!

Funny Moment: The Sisters pranked us and said we are going to have to quarantine for longer!

Spiritual Moment: it was nice to be quarantined and be able to keep up my personal study!

Elder Jaxon Snarr

180 Columbine Dr

Casper, WY 82604

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