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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Jazon Snarr

Exchanges, Bottlepoolhockey, Home Alone


Hey everybody! I hope your week was lit! My week was real good!

Tuesday- Went to Estes park and shopped for a little! I bought some stickers!

Wednesday- We woke up and did personal study! We had District Council and it was really great! The sisters gave a great training! We filmed a "meet the missionaries" video! We ate lunch and did our companionship study! We did some Facebook work and went to dinner! We contacted a few people and then had a ward correlation meeting at Dairy Queen!

Thursday- We woke up and had a lesson with Chris and his kid! We then went to help the Dennisons move! We ate lunch and then did our studies! We ran past Ron and set up a meeting with him! We ate dinner and walked for the rest of the night!

Friday- Exchange with Elder Callahan! We woke up and did personal study and then had the mission wide devotional! We did companionship study and ate lunch! We biked to a few peoples houses! We came back for dinner! We did Facebook and our exchange review and then exchanged again! We played and invented a game called bottlepoolhockey! The people we live with have been gone!

Saturday- Exchange with Elder Dustin! We did some personal study! We went and made food at a homeless shelter! We had Chick Fil a for lunch and did some Facebook then we had dinner at Arby's and street contacted for awhile and did our exchange review!

Sunday- Happy Sunday! Today we woke up and did personal study and headed to church! We ate lunch and then had a meeting about Facebook with our district! We did comp study and then we had dinner with the Olyphants! We helped Chris Orlando move a fridge and then taught him a lesson!! Hes awesome!

Monday- We went to the track in the morning and today we have lots to do! We filled out some stuff to move apartments!

We had dinner with the Redfords and got to butcher their goat and turkey!

Tuesday- Spikeball, shopping, and hanging out

Please read "The Tongue of Angels" by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

I love you guys! Keep working hard!

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