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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Jody Ludvigson

So this week was absolutely wild! My new area is absolutely insane, I dont even know how to describe it. Basically all you need to know is I am going to have some crazy crazy stories by the time I get transferred out of this area. This area is also super busy! We have 2 baptisms coming up on the 15th and are super excited for that! We have found a bunch of super cool people to this week! With tons of miracles throught the week! So my first day here one of our lessons cancelled so we decided to go stop by some interested people, and we  felt super prompted to go and visit this lady named Barbara, so we go and knock and she let's us in and starts talking to us getting to know us, and we found out she just recently had a family member pass away and really needs the gospel! We were able to teach her the restoration and about the Book of Mormon and she loved and is going to start coming to church with us! It was super cool to see when we follow the promptings of the spirits the miracles that come from it!

We are also teaching this super cool family who's Dad has been inactive and the rest of the family aren't members, and it has been super cool to be able to get to know them and teach them, they have this 12 year old son who is an absolute beast!

So pretty wild experience that happened this week was we had another lesson that cancelled so we decided to go visit another person that is interested. So we go to visit him and this address is taking us out to the middle of nowhere, and where we live now it is pretty country, and a lot of trailer homes. So anyway we get to this address and the home it takes us to looks abandoned, it is only half built, with no windows holes all over, looks unlivable, so we pull up and there is like a junk yard next to the abandoned house and we see a guys rummaging through the junk yard and we get out to talk to him to see if he was the guy we were looking for, and he walks up to us just head to toe covered in dirt, and so we asked him if he was Cody Dalton (the guy we were looking for) and he says no, but he lives in there, *pointing to the abandoned house. So we asked is he in there and he said idk go knock. We walk up to the house and the door is destroyed it's not even on the wall, its leaned up sideways against the door frame, and we thought no way anyone lives in there, but we knock anyway and we hear someone yell from inside, "who is it" and we say "the missionaries, what are you up to" and Cody responds "oh nothing just smoking some coke" and he invites us in. And we were like what in the world, so we start talking and he introduces himself, he says "my naked Cody Dalton, my mom call me Cody Dalton" so we start teaching him and the spirit was actually there so we invite him to church and he says he wants to start coming so that was cool! But this transfer is going to be amazing! We are always super busy so that is nice! Also my Comp Elder Macdonald is a stud, he is from Hawaii, and we get along super well!

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