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Elder Keith Rushto

Singing and snoring

Hey everyone! Hope all is going well and you have had a good week! This week has been pretty good for me!

So this Thursday we had the elders from St. Cloud come to stay for a few days, they are the ones that speak the Karen language. They are some good guys but unfortunately they always sleep in the same room as us but just on the floor, and one of them literally snores louder than the trains that go by our apartment! I honestly have no idea how he even makes a snoring noise that loud or how it doesn't wake him up! It's almost violent how loud it is! And its constant too through the whole night, like 10 minutes after he lays down hes snoring until the alarm goes off at 6:30. It's pretty ridiculous. So this past couple days have been a little extra tiresome 😂 

Yesterday our little branch had their primary program! It was supposed to be in like November of last year but kept getting pushed back cause of different things that came up. But it ended up being pretty good! There aren't very many kids in our branch so the primary President asked us to help out with it! Elder Hulse did all of the "narrating" while I pretty much just read different scriptures! But they still sang lots of songs and did a great job! There are some pretty awesome kiddos in our primary!

Sorry about the short email this week but j hope that everyone has a great week and remembers to follow the Lord in all you do! Thank you for all of your love and support! Have a wonderful week!

~Elder Rushton 


Us and the Appleton Chuukese people

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