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Elder McClain

Another Week Gone


Hey Fam,

This week has been crazy. My Companion, Elder Fuller gets to go to the Ukraine, his original assignment and it's transfers. I'm getting a new companion and I honestly know nothing about him. But I know he plays the Bag pipes. I am going to miss Elder Fuller, he is a beast. I have learned so much from him. I am not getting transferred, but my area is now the whole Pineridge Reservation!!!! (It used to be 2 different areas) I am kinda super stressed about it. It is a lot of area to cover 😳. But I know that through God anything is possible. Please pray that my new companion and I will be guided by the spirit. There is a lot of work here to do, I know God will provide a way. My first area on my mission was in Pine Ridge. I was shocked that I was transferred to the other side of the reservation which is Kyle.  Looking back the Lord was preparing me to know both areas on the reservation because I now cover it all.   Even when we don't understand, God's hand is in all things.

I got one of the coolest compliments this week from Alan Reddy.

We were doing service for Alan, so he can add onto his house. We were taking and he said, "You know what I've noticed about you Easton." I said "What" then he said, " You may only be 19, but you have the wisdom of a 30-year-old man."  It was really cool, then he said, " you must have been raised by your grandparents." I had to convince him that I was raised by my Parents and that I do have supportive Grandparents. I have met som many wonderful people out here. I love serving them

Happy late Father's day to all the Father's out there. I am lucky to have so many Father figures in my life. I started thinking about how my father has affected my life. One of the greatest things about my dad is that he loves everyone and anyone. I think he gave me that attribute. It has helped me so much. I invite you guys to love everyone even those who have wronged you. Matthew 5:44 states But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Have a great week!


Elder Easton

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