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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Nathan Reber

In Wasilla Alaska

wn by. The days are still cold and the nights are colder. I’ve got to see the northern lights a couple more times. They truly are indescribable. Pictures can’t do them justice but at least it’s a way to share a small inkling of what I saw. Makes me thankful for eyes That can see things that A camera lens cannot capture. We’ve been staying busy here in Wasilla.  today we got to go dog mushing. The guy who taught us and allowed us to use his dogs came in second to last place in the Iditarone a few years back.He wrote a book about his experience and gave one to me and signed it. I will tell you it’s a very cold and loud sport. Between the dogs barking And shouting commands to the dogs it’s loud. What a thrill. It’s something I would definitely do again and would love to learn how to do well.I guess you could say the last week I have been living the Alaskan dream. I learned the other day the lake by us is 4 feet thick with ice. I’ve always worried about falling through I guess with 4 feet of ice I don’t have to worry about that. I think we’re going fishing next week. Someone’s offered to take us. I know I say it every week but I’m gonna say it again. The Lord loves all of us.Our  heavenly father loves all of us. It doesn’t matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done we can always go to him. The atonement was for all not just a select few.

I thought a lot about agency this week. How we can use it for good or we can use it for bad. For example we can use our agency to talk about the gospel or to talk about other people. At the end of the day our agency not only affects us but other people around us. So I guess the messages Is make sure we use our agency wisely. Also this week I was able to hold a woolly mammoth bone. A bag of gold, a rock with gold in it.  I also met the guys who owned the claim that Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush used. It really is a small world. Well I’ll leave you all with my testimony that I know I have our Heavenly  father loves us and I know He wants what’s best for us. He has given us ways to communicate with him ways for him to communicate with us and scriptures to lead us back to him. I love you all and I will write again next week. Love Elder Nathan Reber

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