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Elder Nathen Abbot



Hey everyone! This week was super busy.

So like I mentioned last time, we are covering 3 areas. Mladá Boleslav, Jičin, and Liberec. So this week was just a lot of us trying to meet with people and get in contact with all of the investigators here in the areas. Plus we had to move to MB this week which we did on Wednesday because we had a meeting Tuesday night at 8:30 in Liberec. So we were just like eh, we'll move Wednesday. So we did that. Then we also traveled back up to Liberec 2 other times this week and 2 times to Prague. We have used half of our kilometers this week and it's only the first week. 😅 These next few weeks should be better though. We just had stuff in Liberec planned so we are going to be better at when we plan stuff and when we will be there. It should be good.

We had a couple really amazing lessons with people this week. One guy has just had a super hard past and is still struggling with some things. It was amazing to just love him and help him to feel Christ's love for him. And to testify of the atonement of Jesus Christ. He is really looking to change his life and has given us some amazing opportunities already so that he can change his life and align it more with Christ. It is very touching and I really felt love for him as we were talking. I know that God and Christ love all of us. No matter our situation. And that is what we got to testify to him.

The other meeting was with a guy who is actually from close to London. I found him on Instagram. He is way cool. He has also been looking to improve his relationship with God. So it's cool. We are gonna meet with him again soon. We were also going to just teach a Restoration lesson but only taught like half of the Resoration then he asked some questions and we ended up talking about the word of wisdom and briefly on the law of chastity. He doesn't speak any Czech, but his fiance is Czech. We are wanting to start teaching her as well. That would be cool to teach the both of them.

Other than all of that we had a few more meetings with people and an inspiration night with the MB/Jičin members. They are so cool and love missionaries so much. I'm excited to get to know them.

Last week for p-day we hung out a little bit in Prague. Didn't really see anything, but I did get to see my Sisters before they left. Which was such a blessing. I'm glad that I got to see them and talk to them for a little bit. They are super cool. Shout out to Sisters Goodworth and Stilson.

This week we had such amazing weather. Like I'm talking shorts and tshirt weather. So me and the boys went and walked around Prague a little bit. Saw a few statues and cool places. Unfortunately I didn't get as many pictures that I would have liked of different things, but that's ok. I was too busy just enjoying. I did get some though. One of the cool things about covid is that Prague is just so empty without all of the tourists. So that's cool.

That's all that I have for today. I love you all and hope that you have a great week!

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