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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Riley Waite

Hey everyone! Today's gonna be short because I don't wanna write. We've had a rough but amazing 2 weeks, I'm still loving it here in Sioux Falls and my comp is a stud. We've been grinding but have been facing a lot of rejection which has been hard, all missionaries go through that so I'm not complaining but it's just pretty annoying listening to excuses and lies over and over again! however I did hit 21 months the other day and it's just crazy to think about how fast the mission goes by!

This last weekend our friend Ramone got baptized! It had been a long time coming for that man, he's been talking to missionaries for a while and has now fallen off 3 times before this so we were pretty worried but the dude was all smiles after the baptism and confirmation the next day! After the baptism he came up to me happier than a kid in a candy store and was like, "I'm Saved!" That was pretty funny and we'll break the news to him again later that he's still got a lot to do but I wasn't gonna raid on his parade.

Anyways I hope y'all have an amazing week, love you!

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