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Elder Scott Sperry

My Last Email

Hey, it's been a while.... I know I haven't written an email in a while but here I am! However, this will be my last email seeing that I return home this week on the 15th. I thought I would give you guys an update on what has happened since last time I wrote.

Paso De Los Toros:

When I last wrote I was with my Chilean comp, Elder Aguirre. I had one transfer with him and then I received a new comp, Elder Lawrence from St. George. The day after transfers we had a baptism of a member's granddaughter. That transfer we also had a mission conference with Elder Joaquin E. Costa. We worked hard and overall had a fun transfer together. We were working on getting an inactive family back to church and this Saturday, one of the daughters got baptized.

I only had one transfer with Elder Lawrence and then I got transferred to Camino Carrasco. I was put in a trio with Elder Peterson and Elder Estrada, but I was only with them for a week when I got emergency transferred up to Treinta y Tres, a zone I was in about 16-17 months ago. But to make it even more crazy, I got ETed back to my old area in Treinta y Tres, 33 Central. So I'm back in an old area with members I already know. My new comp is Elder Froncianis from Paraguay. Overall this transfer has been good, we have a few friends on date. Sadly I won't be around for their baptisms.

Sadly my mission is coming to a close, but I know that a new chapter is opening up in my life. I´m grateful for these 2 years I have had to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ here in Uruguay. I know this Church is true and that we have a prophet on the Earth. I know Jesus Christ lives. 

P.S I land in St. George on the 15th at about 12:30 PM and I'll be giving my homecoming talk on the 31st because of the upcoming holidays. Can't wait to see all of you soon!

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