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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Shane Zarate

The final countdown

Well people this I have officially started my last transfer in the mission, which is crazy. The time has definitely flown by, and it's been great. Im in an area called Sarmiento in the city of Mendoza now, and I'm with a peruvian companion which is sweet. Im sorry i havent written much, I would like to have a good excuse but its mostly laziness. We have been teaching a goup of people in this area who have very good potencial of being baptized. We dont find a lot of new people because this area is a little difficult in a lot of ways but its still good. Im very greatful for my time here and for everything ive learned. My spanish is good but im still improving. Its always good to have a latino companion. Anyway thank you guys for all the support and I will try too write at least once more before I end. 

Elder Zarat

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