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Elder Stetson Ludvigson

What a memorable week we had this week! So we started the week off with a split to Manado, which is about a 3 hour flight from Jakarta. My companion used to serve there, so he knows all the members, and a member family said that they would takes us to dinner when we land, we land about 5:00 and head to dinner with the family. They take us to this super cool reasturant where the tables are on little docks in the middle of a lake, and in order to get to the table you have to walk across this little wooden bridge. This family has 2 little kids about 7 and 8, so we sit down and eat and had some amazing fish, after that we were sitting talking while the kids were playing. One of the kids thought it qould be a good idea to sprint full speed across the little bridge, and to no suprise "splash" he falls in the pond. Luckily it was shallow and he was able to just stand up and walk out and laugh about it. It was pretty hilarious and we all got a good laugh out of it.

The split to Manado was amazing, we went to a village up in the mountains where some members live, we were able to visit 4 different member family in the village which consisted of a lot of hiking through the mountain, it was super pretty, and an amazing experience! Also at one of the members homes we had some smoked fish, and here they smoke their fish with coconut shells which makes it super good!

This week we also had some amazing lessons, we had another lesson with Sis Rose we were able to teach the restoratuon and the spirit was super strong, after that she gave us a tour of the school she owns, and it was super cool!

This week we also had our english conversation class which is actually super fun, the people here love trying to learn english so its pretty easy to get people to come!

This p-day we had quite the adventure, so first we were planning on going to a zoo but we get there and find out it was closed on Mondays, which sucks, but we decided to go to this park place instead. We had no clue what it was really, but we pay and get in and are trying to figure out what to do and we see they had like a reptile museum so we decide to go there and check it out. At first we only though it was a little building with no live animals, after we walked around the building and came out we were getting ready to leave a little disapointed but then Elder Mocodompis spotted something, around the side was some glass boxs with some lizards and stuff. And as we continued around the side it kept getting better and better, we saw komodo dragons some massive alligators some huge snakes. So we were then satisfied and ready to leave, and at this time the park was about to close, and there was like no one their, it felt like a ghost town. But as we were walking out one of the workers waved us into this glass room. And here we got to hold a baby alligator and some giant snakes. It was pretty sketchy but also super fun!

And thats all folks, love yall keep increasing your faith everyday! 1% better!

Sampai Jumpa

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