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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Stetson Ludvigson

Wow the time is running down real quick, also depending on how crazy next week is this might be my last email. Because next week we have new missionaries coming, missionaries going the the Temple in Phillippines, missionaries leaving and transfer, all within a few days. So that will be wild and we are still not sure what the plan is. But this week was as usual, amazing!

I dont have too much time right now so I will keep it short and sweet.

This week we helped the youth in the Surakarta stake with filming a music video for the church, it was pretty awesome we were able to meet with everyone, and we also were able to go and see the big soccer stadium here in Solo. Also one of the youth forgot his church shoes so I let him borrow mine for most the day while they filmed, and so I just walked around barefoot, which is really normal here haha!

This week was also filled with a bunch of member visits, I am trying to visit everyone one more time before I go home. The members here are the absolute best!

This week we also helped a lot of the missionaries with their family history for the temple, most of them only have one generation of family history completed.

We also were able to visit one of my all time favorite families this week! They just got reactivated in the church and their 15 year old daughter was just baptized, they are the best!

Sunday was wild this week, so one of the returned missionaries that used to serve here came back and visited with his wife and he wanted to visit a ton of members. So we helped them out and basically biked around all of our area visiting members both active and inactive. One of the members we visited has been inactive for about 3 years but he made a promise that he and his family will be at church this next sunday, which is one of the greatest feeling ever as a missionary! He also is an artist and has some awesome paintings that he did in his house!

Crazy literally only a few more days left! I am going to miss Indonesia and the people here sooo much! It's been really hard coming here but so worth it, and I am really bummed because right when I am getting the language and starting to make awesome relationships with people they ship me home haha, grateful for the time I spent here! Hopefully I will be able to see a lot of you next week!!! crazy I know!

Love y'all

Sampai Jumpa

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