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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Tauaimalo Fiso



Talofa everyone! Sorry it's been a WHILE. I'm still alive in North Dakota and I'm loving it! I'll give yall a rundown of what's been going on the last few months:

I got transferred out of Grand Forks, ND and I am now in Bismarck, ND! I miss Grand Forks and the members a whole lot, definitely one of my favorite areas in my mission so far. Being in Bismarck is a lot of fun and I am literally two minutes from the temple so that's super nice.

Our friend Rose in Grand Forks got baptized about a month ago! She was so ready for it and has such great love for the gospel. Two weeks after her baptism, she gave birth to her baby Sebashtien. We went and saw him and that was a lot of fun.

My last companion Elder Petersen is supposed to go to Samoa as well so we had a good time learning the language together. We had so much fun together and saw so many miracles in the work. My companions now are Elder Pryor and Ashcraft. We're staying in a tiny apartment with 3 other Elders, so 6 missionaries total. It's crazy but its tons of fun. The other set of Elders are the Content team meaning they make all the content for the Facebook pages in the mission and DANG they are talented. One of the Elders plays the piano so well, we just ask him to play a song and he literally plays it right away. He performed a special musical number in sacrament meeting and it was phenomenal. He played The Spirit of God and arranged it on the spot when he was up on the stage. So much talent.

This weekend, Elder Gary E. Stevenson is coming to Bismarck for a Priesthood Leadership training and is also having a devotional with all the missionaries in the mission in person. Its gonna be way sick seeing past companions and missionaries I served around, especially an Apostle of the Lord in person. It's crazy tho because there are missionaries that live about 8-9 hours from the mission home so they got a trek here and back.

I've been studying a lot about charity lately. I love the phrase from the scriptures, "Charity never faileth". Its so true! The love of Jesus Christ never fails!! If we pray will all our heart to have that kind of love, God will give it to us. Love conquers over everything! I love you all.

Elder Fiso

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