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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder Toone

This week we did some service and I got to use a sickle and hack up a yard with billions of weeds.  That was fun.  We had a lesson with Bruce and invited him and his girlfriend to church! We went over early to their house before church and made sure they were ready to go.  Bruce didn't answer and we got scared he wasn't going to wake up.  He called us right after and said he was actually in the shower getting ready.  We got hyped and they both came to church and heard a phenomenal fast and testimony meeting! They loved it.  Bruce said he has nothing against being baptized and now that he is showing good interest and coming to church he will be on date very soon!


We also met Two Feathers, this Indian guy at an RV park.  He gave us a zucchini and now we are teaching him the lessons!


I know the church is true.  I can't express what my mission has meant to me.  It's changed my life forever.  I love Jesus! I'll be home next week probably.  Excited to see everyone but I'm gonna miss the full time work


I will see you all later! Love you!

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