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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Elder William Barnum

The last dance

Hey yall!! I hope everyone is doing good! We've had a good couple weeks since the last email I wrote.


• We've found 30 people in the last 3 weeks

• I've given a talk in our branch 3/4 Sundays this month... and all 3 of them I found out about 2 minutes before sacrament meeting started

• we've been super close to 2 shootings in the last 3 weeks

• We saw a super sick dude walk out of the forest with an axe in one hand and a whole tree over his other shoulder

• We've built a whole pond with brother Beavers (a member in the English ward)

•Brother Beavers accidentally dumped his trailer in his pond😂

• transfers got moved to Friday

• I'm coming home on Friday

• my homecoming talk will be on June 11th 9 am @355 W Virgin Ave

That's all I can think of! See you soon! Love yall❤️

-Elder Barnum

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