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Elders Maurice Perkins

Maningue Contatos


  Well this week was pretty good, right now Elder Ingman and his companion are teaching all the people that we have been teaching for the last little while and so my companion and I have been doing a lot of contacts and so that is basically what my week consisted of. 

Tuesday, we did contacts and were able to find some awesome people. Afterwards we had a lesson and then it started pouring rain. Some of the hardest rain I have seen in my life. 

Wednesday we did more contacts and there was more rain. To end the day we visited Brother John and it was an awesome visit. He had lost his phone and was frustrated but after we visited him, he told us that he knows that God loves him because he sent us in his way to visit him! It was pretty cool and he is progressing well!

Thursday we visited some people from Mutotope 3's area. There are no more missionaries working in that area so we are covering for the people they were teaching. We visited them with a member and it went very well.

Friday was good. We started visiting all of the contacts and there have been some really awesome lessons. The Lord has been blessing us and putting people in our way. In the morning we were able to sit down with a young man that stopped us in the street to talk and say that he wanted a visit, it was awesome. Afterwards I did some interviews for the people Mutotope 1 has been teaching and they went well!

Saturday was an interesting and good day. We did more contacts and invited a lot of people to church. As well we had English class that we taught which is always fun.

Sunday was a good day. There were a lot of people that came to church and some friends of members that came to church for the first time as well. We will start to teach them this week!

Anyways this past little bit has been reminded me of when I first got in the area and I am so grateful for the adventure that I have been on here. I know that this is the Lord's work and that He guides us in everything we do! I am excited for the adventures and experiences to come! Estamos juntos! Até próximo! 

Elder Perkins

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