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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Sisster Maleena Felshaw

Lots of good things happened this week, number one in my opinion is that ROY WAS BAPTIZED!!! He is such a cool guy. Why is everyone here so awesome? I'm not sure but I dont mind at all. Besides that lots of the usual happened (the usual is pretty good though so again, no complaints). We did have stake conference & we were chosen to be ushers, we even got badges and everything

Also it is crazy how much this gospel really blesses us. You can see the change in people's lives when they keep the commandments & try to follow Christ. I would always hear that the gospel brings us joy but I didn't truly understand what that meant until I watched others & myself make changes in our lifes. If you dont know where to start, start by asking God if He loves you. Even if you know the answer, even if you dont want the answer. This is something he wants us to know & a prayer that will not go unanswered. When you're sincere with God, He's sincere with you.

I love & appreciate y'all. Do something nice for someone this week :)


Mon, Sep 6, 2021


Apparently the last time I wrote was a month ago??? Weird. It feels like I did last week? Anyways here's a few updates:- its halfway through the transfer know but I stayed! I really love it here. Too much. Its tempting to come back & live here.- we had zone conference & interviews with our mission president (love that guy)- I've been #permanentlyreassigned to Colorado. Mixed feeling about that one but all is well, like I said I absolutely love it here- it hailed, like out of no where. The dents in our car aren't that bad- I made LOTS of cookies this month to take around to people. Shout out to Hole Foods Bakery & my dad for both making me make cookies in preparation for this time- I bought a dozen tamales... for myself- we have started teaching some more really awesome people! They make them different in this area I think, they're all too good. Makes my job easy- speaking of ^^^ Roy is getting baptized this week!!! Super excited for thatIt's been a good time. Tell me how you've been!

1250 Mainstreet

Broomfield, CO


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