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Sister Kallie Graves

My companion said the most legendary thing to me that I have ever heard. (Important side note: my district was going to do a fast together for the temple) So my comp and I were doing weekly planning (basically the torture of the mission), she turns to me and goes "Sister Graves, I have something wrong with my stomach, and everyone in the district knows. And well I just have something wrong with my stomach. When I am hungry and when I fast, my stomach goes BRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUU (I am indeed quoting the english version, so enjoy) Sometimes its just like brruu but other times its like BRRRRBRBBRRRRRURUUUUUGGGGGGGG. So I cant fast with the district on Monday." Don't laugh, she has a serious medical problem. She needs help. Good thing we live with the Sister Medic.  Also, this week marks the third time I have asked someone to read a scripture when they didn't know how to read, which always results in an awkward next couple seconds. 
Also pt 3! This week I jumped on an English call online with another American. For the next 40 minutes, we got Bibled bashed IN THE NICEST WAY YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE BIBLE BASHED. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Shoutout Rickey: for being absolutely agnostic in the nicest, most respectful way possible! I hope you have a good life!
This week I gave my first Book of Mormon away alone (Small victories)! Because of teaching online, I end up teaching a lot about the Book of Mormon. I do not think that I can convey how true that book is. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. It actually occurred. Christ really did come and visit the Americas. The passed week I have been teaching this woman online named Graziele. I taught her the Restoration and she went to church on Sunday. Sunday afternoon, she texted me (picture Portuguese) "KALLIE (we use our first names online) I DIDN'T WANT TO GO TO CHURCH WHEN I WOKE UP BUT I WENT ANYWAY AND I MEET THE SISTERS THERE AND I GOT THE BOOK OF MORMON AND EVERYONE WAS SO NICE. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! I WANT TO GO BACK! I AM SO EXCITED TO READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!" Queue melted heart. Then in our area we met an 18 yr old pregnant girl named Bianca. We took her from her broken home and took her to the visitors center. After the lesson, she took one step off the center's grounds, turned to us and said I want to go back. I want to feel that peace again. When can we come back?" 
I think sometimes we overlook this fact. Sometimes we forget where true peace comes from. True peace comes from Christ. We literally have access to the greatest book ever written: the Book of Mormon. Too often it lies untouched on the book shelf. Too often we have a temple or a church in our backyard and we don't ever realize how amazing that is. Christ wants us to come to him; his marked arms are always open for us. Christ means strength and comfort and love and peace and happiness forever with people you love forever. 
This week, I invite you to come to Christ, the Prince of Peace, and read the Book of Mormon. Read Alma 7. Oh my heck, the Book of Mormon is true. Never forget that. 
Com amor, 
Sister Graves

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