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Sister Emily Leavitt

Quarantine day 100??


Hi everyone!!

This was a good week!! We got two new referrals and one of them is already on date to be baptized!! It still amazes me how the work goes forward even when we are stuck inside!! God is good!! There is still no word about when we can go back out or when we can go back to church. We are really working of developing our patience here in quarantine!! Its hard to feel effective but we must be doing something right because God is leading us to some amazing people!!

This week went crazy fast!! And we get our transfer calls on Sunday!! Its weird with the new missionaries coming out, we are actually having transfers on Monday so our pday will be moved to Tuesday next week!! I am really hoping sister Tanner and I don't get moved because I'm really want to be here for Vincent's baptism and I love sister tanner!!! We also had a great lesson with a less active we are working with!! They left the church last year from anti they read on tithing but we have meet with them since I got here and they expressed their desire to go back to church when they open up again!!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing!! This quarantine I think has really got people rethinking!! The longer we are in here, I wont lie, the harder it gets BUT we also see more and more blessings and miracles every week also!! Its a great time to be a missionaries!! I hate to think I have less than a year left!! ⅓ GONE!!

Also Happy Fathers day!! I am blessed with some great examples of fathers in my life and I'm grateful for all of you!! Especially my dad!! I'm sure you are all aware, I got one of the best❤

Well that's about it!! I hope you guys aren't cooking to death out there. No need to worry about me, it's about 75 here! But don't be too jealous, I've still got another winter.....

I love you all!! Stay safe!


Sister Leavitt

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