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Sister Abbie Wilson

The Work is GREAT!

Hey guys, this is my first email as a missionary! Something I always wanted to do was to be real in these emails. I got set apart Sunday night which was soooo cool! President Toone told me in my prayer that I would have help from angels on this side of the veil, and the other side of the veil. That really helped me to know that I will never be alone while I am gone which is so cool. Having a companion everywhere you go is kind of hard but I’m glad that my mom and dad like to hangout with me because I am going to be doing that until Wednesday haha!

I’m not going to lie, the first 2 days were probably the longest days of my life. I sat and stared at a computer screen all day which made me so tired. Missionary life is an all day thing, and I thought they got more breaks then we do right now haha. We met our MTC teachers on the first day where they taught us for 3 hours each which is a really long time to me. Now I'm finished complaining about the classes and I’ll tell you the good parts. I have made so many friends within my district. They are literally my favorite people to talk to everyday. I am not someone who gets really comfortable talking with random people but I feel like we all clicked right away. My companion is also super cool. Her and I love calling every morning to do comp study and then after we just talk about our life before and what we liked to do with our friends.

Today is our first HOA (Helping Others Appointment) which is kind of scary. What you do in those is teach a lesson to an actor who is a member of the church that has questions about God. They give you a little description of what they are going through, and then you come up with a lesson to teach them. I'm a little nervous so pray for us haha. One of these days I am not going to be nervous about teaching, but today is not that day haha.

That's pretty much all for this week. Love you guys and look for the miracles and the hand of God in your life everyday! Always follow the promptings you receive!


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