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Sister Alyson Cook

The work will go on


Hello everyone! My goal is to keep this short, so wish me luck.

We are continuing to be quarantined until further notice, but this wasn't anything that we didn't expect. But we are continuing to be shown time and time again that the Lord knows what he's doing!

Some miracles I've seen throughout the week;

- We don't have enough time in the day. We have to be aware of every minute of time because everyday is filled to the brim!

-Ariana is continuing to progress amazingly! It's so cool to be able to witness the gospel change her life right in front of my very eyes

- Tons of missionaries from this ward have returned home due to Corona, and we have someone who has just been a stellar missionary! He requested 5 Book of Mormons already to give to his friends. Will update you on that!

-Sister Rosenbeck and I have been praying to receive revelation for our areas worm, and everyday we've been able to pinpoint moments where we were lead by the Spirit in what we need to do!

- So many lessons! I don't know if it's that my other two areas were slower, but quarantine seems to have increased the amount of lessons we are teaching to people. We're so busy!

I'd like to share a scripture that I read this week. It's been on my mind a lot lately. It's from the Book of Mormon (Alma 17:10) and it's talking about the sons of King Mosiah and Alma the younger preparing to go to the Lamonites, or unbelievers to share the Gospel to them. The verse says "And it came to pass that the Lord did visit them with his Spirit, and said unto them: Be comforted. And they were comforted."

The next chapters go on to share about their mission over the next 14 years. They were cast into prison, they starved, they were beaten, and many many other trials. At the end of this story, they were bring 7 Lamonites cities to the knowledge of Christ, which is amazing! But that wasnt for a long time. I'm sure that in the middle of their trials I'm sure that they thought "why the heck am I doing this?" Many times. But the Lord, in all His goodness, knew exactly what they were going to go through beforehand. To prepare them and give them assurance that that was truly the right direction, before they ever set out he visited them with His spirit and gave them peace. So when they would be going through it, they would be able to recall that experience and know with assurity why they are there and that God is with them.

That's a truth that can be applied to lots of different situations, so I invite you to read that chapter (Alma 17) and ponder how the Lord gave you peace before the trial.

I love you all! Thank you for being in my life :)

Sister Cook

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