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Sister Calla Haviland


HIIIIII, how is everyone??? I MADE IT TO ILOILO!! I dont even know where to start. This place is incredible and so beautiful. My first area is in Makato which I am so blessed to be in. Its on the opposite side of the island of iloilo and not in the city at all. Its so so green and I love it. The difficult part about this area is they speak the hardest dialect thats on the island so that is lovely. I cant remember what its called actually, I think its like akalan or something like that. The people understand me when I speak hiligaynon but I dont understand them when they talk back to me. But its okay though ill get it eventually. I have the sweetest trainer ever. She matches my energy all the time and we work so good together. Her name is sister largo and shes from the philippines. 

The people here are all so sweet and they love the missionaries. Theres one girl her name is joyjoy and she was just attached to me yesterday. We have a special handshake, she shared her snacks with me, and everywhere we walked she just held my hand. She loves trying to jump higher than me because to her I am a giant. Thats most peoples first reaction to seeing me is that im just tall especially while Im next to my companion. 

So far not much has happened. Yesterday was the first day I actually went out and did anything but it went so good. We ride these little tricycles with side carts everywhere which is fun. In my area theres a lot of jungle like places so to get to peoples houses your like walking through a jungle. Its my favorite part though. Anywayyyyy thats my week for ya. Hope everyone is doing so good!! Love you all!

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