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Sister Jerusha Bundy

so much freedom 🕊🇨🇦🇺🇲

Hey everyone

So much celebration of freedom this week, we had canada day on monday (they are kinda free, ill attach the canadian national anthem at the bottom here), we had the 4th of JULY 🇺🇲🎉, we had temple baptisms with Kayla (people being freed from sin) and Manjeets baptism on Saturday! So many things to celebrate up here in the great white north.

Its actually and finally getting slightly warm here. Its maybe hit 80 and everyone is crying about it. Meanwhile. Im soaking up every second because soon enough ill be back in the devils armpit :/ but its okay, ill get to see my family so thats cool

We had zone conference and us and the zone leaders did a roleplay (which means we did like a pretend lesson) in front of literally ALLLL the missionaries in our zone, it was kinda scary and i was shaking in my boots, i dont get nervous teaching people but teaching in front of like 30 genius missionaries was a little intimidating for me but we made it through, i learned lots at zone conf, but less from the actual prepared trainings. I learned from my mistlakes, i learned from the spirit, i learned from other missionaries examples most.


This man is my pride and joy, its been so amazing to see him transform hikself and step up to the place God needed hin to be in, he was super excited to be baptized and get the gift of the holy ghost, he had all smiles the whole time and got up to thank everyone for showing him Gods love. The next day he got confirmed and the aaronic priesthood and his temple recommend and we are going to the temple with him this thursday and this time, he is going to baptize us in behalf of people who didnt get to be baptized in this life. Im so excited and he is too! He also did a great job teaching lovepreet again all in punjabi! How cool is that. Ill never get over this miracle. You cant make me

I havent built my fort yet, im getting all the strategies and all the advice from some selected professionals first, if im going to do this, im going to do it right. I didnt find any more machetes this week but ill keep looking.

We went to the temple with our new member kayla this week and did baptisms, it was so special and i felt so clean and happy afterwards. The house of the Lord changes us from the inside out.

This morning, i felt like taking a Book of Mormon on our run again, youll never guess butvwe ran into someone who was searching for a church to go to and a stronger connection to God! We were a little sweaty from our run, and a little out of breath but i was SO GLAD that I had my favorite possesion with me to give to her, my own personal book of mormon. God works in mysterious ways sometimes but if we heed the promptings of the spirit, we will see His hand and be His instruments.

I love this work with all my heart. Please share the gospel with those around you, dont be a hog.

I love you🤍

Sister Bundy!

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