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Sister Jerusha Bundy

Canada is Cold

Hey everyone! This week has been good! We saw lots of miracles but I wont talk about all of them because it wouldnt do them justice. So maybe one day when im dead you can just read my journal! But I will talk about a couple so you dont think ive been sitting around up here.

A couple great things that happened were: 

- Jaryd, Denish, Ray, Tani, Nick, Brandon, and John all came to church! They all loved it too, church this week was a very positive experience, but sometimes church can be most stressful for me. Im always so worried and hoping that our friends are feeling the spirit that I tend to forget that I should try to be feeling it myself. I have to force myself to remember that I have no control over the lady sitting behind us who sings the hymns like she is in the opera 🤣🤣🤣 it was so hard for me not to burst out laughing as we sang the opening hymn. 

- one cool experience we had was when we had just finished a meeting at the end of the evening and we had about 15 minutes left of the day and we had plans to go street contacting in this particular spot. The morning of we almost planned to do soemthing else but i for some reason felt like being stubborn about doing that acticity at that time. Well when the time came to go to this one particular spot, we literally had 5 minutes to talk to people before we had to head home. So i said "lets just talk to one person" so we got out and talked to the first person we saw, the lady was nice, but not interested, so I turn to sister reed and she says "okay, one more person" neither of us were satisfied so we walked to this bus stop and found travis! Travis we could tell was just struggling, we talked to him for a bit and turns out his mom was a member but he wasnt sure if God was really anymore, we testified that God knew him, loved him, and had led us to him. With tears in his eyes he agreed to meet with us and we had to leave him. It was really cool to be a witness of how God directs us, I didnt know why I felt like being stubborn that morning about going to that one place, we both were led not knowing beforehand the things that we should do. God is real. 

I really do love my mission and lately ive been learning that we need to always follow the spirit. Trust God first. If we are following the spirit we need not worry about what others think. I always remember my dad saying that He only tries to please two people.... His Father in heaven, and His dad (Cliven) ive always rememberd that. If we focus on pleasing God above anyone else. Things will work out. Get your confidence from the Lord

I know He is real. I know He loves us. 

-Sister Bundy      V       


Sorry, I haven't been taking any pictures :/ 

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