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Sister Jordan Memmott

Power from the BoM<3

Hi everyone!!! I hope you are all doing great😁

Another week and here's some more highlights;)

- I got to go on exchanges with Sister Skinner and ahh she's the cutest! I had a great time and got to see some more of Denton!

- we were able to do lots of service this week! Helping people move and clean up their houses! Fun stuff

- had interviews with President John and man that always gives me the boost I need! He is so amazing and is one of the most Christlike people I know<3

- we had a ward party and had such a good turn out! It was a chilli cook-off and then we got to help out with some games for the kids! They loved it!

- one night we went to just quickly pick up some dinner from our members and we got stuck talking for so long because they are texas talkers hahah! It amazes me how much these people like to talk;) they did share some pretty cool insights about the scriptures tho and made it all worth it!

- we had another lesson with our friend Maddie and she's doing SO good! I just love her. And she's getting baptized this Sunday so we are pumped! 

so this was kinda a crazy experience. We went to visit some people out in the country and as we got to the door, this pitbull comes out of nowhere and was growling and barking at us. And it wasn't a happy dog😬 we were kinda stuck and had no where to go and I honestly was just like, yep this dog is gonna bite me haha. I didn't know what to do and then it started coming right for me and was just about to bite my leg. Then my companion hurried and stuck her Book of Mormon between the dog and I! As soon as she did, the dog instantly started backing away and we were able to hurry and get away. But it was so crazy how it was the Book of Mormon that had stopped the dog. It showed me first of all that God is always looking out for us and protecting us! But also the Book of Mormon has power... in SO many ways! In this situation it saved me from physical danger but it also saves us spiritually! I've seen how it has changed people's lives from reading it, including my own! I've grateful to have a book that testifies of our Savior on every page! Read it and pray about it! It will bring power into your life💓

“There is a power in the [Book of Mormon] which will begin to flow into your lives the moment you begin a serious study of the book. … When you begin to hunger and thirst after those words, you will find life in greater and greater abundance.” - President Ezra Taft Benson

Love you all!!!

Sister Memmott🩷🩷

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