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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Sister Kaden Lee

0 to 365 real quick


hi friends! how are you?? be honest.

this week was pretty goof. a lot is going on but I'm handling it like a champ💪🏼😤.

okay so

on monday, I played some spikeball and some other game where we mixed kickball and cricket (a big workout) and I enjoyed both activities especially because I was playing with a bunch of 20 year olds... very wholesome 🙃.

on tuesday we had dinner with the Eldridge family and they have the cutest dog named Bruce and I had to get a picture with him. #itsthelittlethings

on wednesday, we went knocking and unintentionally knocked an active members door, brother and sister Perkins. when she opened the door I was like, "OH! I KNOW YOU!" and she said, "were you expecting someone else?" I just about died. she welcomed us into her home, got her husband, introduced us to all the cats, and let us share a message. they gave us some referrals to visit then sent us on our way. the members here are GOATS. I adore them.

thursday morning, Elder Eardley and Elder Garza called and were like,

"hey so we just found out our apartment manager hates Elders living here... can we swap apartments?"

and I was like, "yeah sure"

then they were like,

"HAHAHA it was a pRaNk! happy one year! what are we doing to celebrate?"

about 20 minutes later, they sent a text that said,

"Hey uh you guys wanna go to bdubs at noon for no particular reason?"

so we went to buffalo wild wings with the district for no particular reason then taught some epic lessons to our friends, Judy, Susie, and Javier. pray for them. pls.

we woke up on friday to messages from the Elders telling us that they're sick and won't make it to service at a food pantry. which was a blessing because someone had to do their job and that someone was Amy. she had a lot of questions for us and she was also so kind and fun. hopefully we will get to see her again. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

there was a marathon on saturday and we got to direct traffic and the runners. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH it was so chaotic. I loved it. Alberta was supposed to be baptized on saturday but that didn't end up happening :( the plan is now this saturday, the 30th. pray for Alberta <3

read the whole book of Mosiah. thanks.


"I'm gonna open a member friendly night club in utah."

- Elder Eardley

"When they were talking about how difficult missionaries lives are, my mind immediately went to how hard it must be to cause contention in the district"

- Jacob Hirschi

much luv,

sisdur lee

3453 SW Burlingame Rd Apt A-302

Topeka, KS 66611

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