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Sister Kallie Grave



Backstory: Every day between the hours of 10:30 and 12, Denise (the mail woman) comes. This also means at around 10 we go to the mail to drop stuff off. Then again at 11:30 to pick stuff up... then again at 5 just to make sure we didn't forgot anything.

We were Facebook finding and contacted a man who said "I live on Valley ct. I see yall walk to the mailbox all the time."

I don't mean to brag here but... we're making quite the name for ourselves here in Gatesville. "The weird barefoot ones that are always in dresses and go to the mailbox 100 times a day." Sorry world but that title is already taken.

One thing that I love about the Book of Mormon is that it focuses on the resurrection more than anything else and in Mosiah 16:8 it says "But there is a resurrection." How simple it really is. Why do we follow Christ? Why do we sometimes go through trials and persecution for our beliefs? Why does it matter what we do here? Why do we even have the other parts of the atonement? Because of the resurrection. You will live again. You will have a perfect immortal body at some point and because of that you will have to look Christ in the eye and receive your reward for your actions. Why do we have purpose? Because of the resurrection.

I invite you this week that while you are reading the Book of Mormon mark every time it mentions the word or concept of the resurrection. You will be surprised. I know that when we come to understand the full effects of the resurrection, we will have a stronger desire to follow God and be obedient. I know that we will be resurrected and we will live again. We get to choose now what that resurrected life will look like.

Love you almost as much as Sister Eckhardt and I love Denise. If only we knew her actual name.

-Sister Graves

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