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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Sister Kallie Graves

The rains came down


I signed up for classes this week. That sentence in itself is a joke, so enjoy :)

General Conference was this weekend and I really liked President Nelson's talk on Sunday morning about faith. He told a story of 2 groups of islands. They both had a massive conference to go to and both had a massive storm that would ruin it. They both fasted and prayed for the storm to stop. In the first group, the storm stood still and the conference went on without any rain or problems. In the second group, the rains continued despite their cries to heaven. Yet they still went to the conference and sat in the downpour.

Who had more faith?

Those at the conference.

Will you be at the conference?

Love yall

Sister Graves

Ps my homecoming will be on April 25th at 11am Pacific Standard Time in Mesquite, NV at the Littlefield chapel at 3260 E Old Hwy 91

LITTLEFIELD, Arizona 86432

United States. Just if anyone wanted to come.

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