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Sister Kallie Graves

Standard works


At church this week the man speaking was sharing a story about his Russian neighbor. This is what the man speaking said, "My neighbor came to me and said, 'I feel the Spirit but I'm atheist.' Only 50 years of communism can get someone to say that." We got a good chuckle out of that.

When I had only been out for a whole 3 months on my mission, I made the decision to read the entire standard works. Flash forward one or two months (or 13 months), and I turned the page to my final page of my final book. I have now officially finished the entire standard works. If I had to sum up everything I learned, it would be this: All things denote there is a God. Everything. Everything from the trials to the sunshine to the relationships to the thoughts we have. God is such a big part of everything

The scriptures are true. God exists. He is there and he is aware of you.

I invite everyone to read the scriptures. Why? Because they are true and if you don't believe them or if you don't believe in God, then read the scriptures and look me in the eye and deny it.

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