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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Sister Kari Wakefield

Mindful of you | Moroni 8:3


Alright amigos!! It is nearly unbelievable that this is my last week as a full time missionary. I have love my time here and am so grateful that I have been so blessed by my loving Heavenly Father to be able to come on my mission. It has warmed my heart and amazed me to see how many tender mercies the Lord has placed in my path as I have been placed exactly where I needed go be. He has been so good to me - as always!

When I have had to say my goodbyes to those I love on my mission, I choose to share this scripture: Moroni 8:3, "I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end."

I feel the same for you all.
Thank you for all the love and support you have shown me! I hope you have felt my prayers in your behalf over these past months. I know God loves you and Jesus Christ knows you. Keep the faith and endure to the end.
I love you all! See you soon!

Con mi amor,

Hermana Wakefield

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