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Sister Lara McOmie




What a week wow, also I feel like I just wrote to you guys?!?! time FLIES let me tell you.


Tuesday was one of those days that's like a high of highs. Miracles were coming left and right. Our friend Amalia who we've been teaching IS ON BAPTISM DATE and it was so unexpected! Then we called a grey dot... HES COMIN TO CHURCH... then we got in contact with someone we havent been able to for a long time!!! There were lots of other things today but guys God really is good :)


yall this week was lowkey a VIBE. I had exchanges with Hermana Church and it was soooo fun, it was cool to go and work in a different area and meet amazing people. Zone Conference was SO good. Okay. Pause. Wait. Because I NEED to tell you this miracle. We learned about baptism and being better at inviting at ZC. Later that day... we had a lesson with one of our newer friends. We were teaching the resto again cause the first lesson was interrupted many times. ANYWAYS... he had no questions about it, we talked about the Holy Ghost read some scriptures #moroni10:3-5 duh. THEN this man brings up the fact he isn't baptized for HIMSELF. Then we whipped out our ZC training... Matthew 3:15 and 2 Nephi 31:6-7 to follow... BAMbaptism in 2 weeks. The Spirit was working all the magic during that lesson. Oh also kinda cool... I was the one who invited him to baptism... did I mess it up so bad he didn't understand what I was saying the first time? Yes. BUT I asked again anddd he said YESSS.

Anyways back to the Chinese party... my district is like all Chinese speaking except for us so it's kinda hype. They posted on their story that there was a Chines New Year party and we were like bet. So you already know we pulled up. HYPEST WARD PARTY I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. I am sorry to every other ward, but they just knew how to do it. Were we out of place there? Yes. But it was still the funnest thing ever. I wish I took more pictures... I will try to be better at it


I honestly don't know what else to tell yall... sorry this is boring BUT I'll have a little Pday talk with yall. Pdays are hype cause we always hang with the zone and it's so fun. Ontario zone is one of the bigger ones so it's a PARTY. Today we hiked a mountain and me and Hermana Morse did parkour + spin jitzu until that was banned. Then we only did parkour :( it was a party, right now we are headed to the church to play some games. Secret Hitler is our top favs.

Oh me and Hermana Longhurst my trainer have THE WORST LUCK, we got a flat tire this week and 80% of our lessons cancelled... BUT we did have 7 friends at church. So it all evens out in the end.


THIS WEEK... there was really only one thing I could talk about. Sooooo... Let's talk about the scripture example of... ABISH. An amazing example of member missionary work.

Little background... the first 2 weeks we struggled with member realtions because the past companionship was here for 6 months! SO we are a lot different and it took a little getting used to I think. We made an effort this last 2 weeks to work with members. LET ME TELL YOU!!!! OUR WORK EXPLODED. The amount of influence members have on missionary work is more than you can imagine.

We have so many awesome members in our small ward that have... invited our friends to church, given then rides to church and our English class, come to the essons with us, testify, invite them to come over for FHE, move from their family to sit with our friends that sat alone, and SO MUCH MORE, little and big.

So let's see what we can learn from Abishs example of missionary work when you're not a full time missionary...

Alma 19:17

"Thus, having been converted to the Lord, and never having made it known, therefore, when she saw that all the servants of Lamoni had fallen to the earth, and also her mistress, the queen, and the king, and Ammon lay prostrate upon the earth, she knew that it was the power of God; and supposing that this opportunity, by making known unto the people what had happened among them, that by beholding this scene it would cause them to believe in the power of God, therefore she ran forth from house to house, making it known unto the people."

FIRST... I love the first bolded part, ITS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU ARE CONVERTED FIRST!!! You need to make sure and CONTINUE to fill your own buckets before you can help others fill theirs :)

SECOND... I love how she took that situation was that she needed to go tell everyone!! She ran house to house telling people what was going on so they could see for themselves!

We can all do that more!!! If you're truly converted to the Lord, you will WANT people to come and see for themselves!

SO... go help the missionaries, open your mouths and TELL THE WORLD ABOUT JESUS and all the goodness He can bring into this crazy crazy world :)

Go spread some JOY

I love all of you awesome people


-Hermana McOmie <3

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