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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Sister Lydia Clark


Hi everyone! Here is a weekly email as I promised haha! I don't have a ton of time but here are a few highlights from this week!

- we had mission leadership council and I got to see a lot of my best friends yay!

- we taught our super awesome friend Damoan who is on date for baptism March 23rd! Please pray for him!

- we had 2 friends come to church! One who we met in Panda Express when we were paying for the food for zone conference! And the other was a media referral!

- we had dinner with our best friend/favorite member reed who is a 4 year old little boy who says he loves being 5. He also told his mom right after we left "I just love them." Hhahahahah I just love HIM!!

- It was Sister Harrell's birthday & we celebrated by going to the cutest little bakery with Sister Gochnour & the Assistants!

- we did service for this crazy lady who made me mop every floor twice hahah!

Such a fun & spirit filled week! & this week is going to be SO GOOD! We have zone conference 3 days which we will be helping at! I love being in Bloomington & helping the Gochnours out so much! Truly the best mission leaders in the world!

I love you all! Go hug someone you love super tight!

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