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Mesquite Nevada Stakes

Sister Macie Bowler

Last one

Hey everyone today is my last ever email as Sister Bowler!! Actually insane! This week has been full of just saying goodbye to all the members and finishing up last minute things. This week we went back into the negatives. We got to about -30° I guess it's just a good send off from Montana. Oh also this week we went and said goodbye to someone who lives in the heart of uptown Butte. We were walking and on the side of the road was a human crap. It was absolutely disgusting!!

Okay lets bring the spirit back lol. I have felt so blessed to have written emails every week and to testify of the Savior. I was thinking a lot this week of what I want to write for my last email. It could go in so many different directions but I wanted to write down my testimony. How amazing is this gospel and our Saviors love. I know and I have personally witnessed how aware he is of each one of us. He wants us all to have joy in this life and become like him. Without trails we wouldn't have been shaped into the person we are today. With the Lord wanting us to be like him that means that sometimes we have to struggle. In that struggle we learn to rely on him. His Atonement is so real and nothing we ever do will be out of reach or too deep were the Savior hasn't already been. He reaches out in love constantly. I know that one of his biggest signs that he loved us is that he restored his gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon with Heavenly Father directing him. Never doubt his love for you. Never doubt your faith because it is good enough! I love each of you all and I know that as you let God prevail in your life you will have joy!

Can't wait to see some of you soon!

Love, Sister Bowler

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